The Coilycue Elite Stylist Network

Offer Your Services Like a Pro: Efficient & Effective

Enjoy bulk discounts and save 30% when your total order reaches $1450 or more.

Take advantage of bulk savings and get 30% off when your total order reaches $1450 or more.

That means a reduced total of only $1000—a smart investment for stylists who want to expand their in-house human hair crochet extension collection.

Stylists offering premium extension services need a reliable inventory to serve their clients promptly. Coilycue removes the uncertainty from sourcing quality human hair.

How the Coilycue Elite Stylist Network Works:

  • Spend $1450 or more and receive a 30% discount on high-quality human hair crochet extensions.
  • Tailored for stylists who want to buy in bulk to always have quality extensions for their clients.

Trusted Quality & Diverse Textures

  • Consistent, high-quality inventory you can count on.
  • Human hair crochet extensions available in various textures to meet your clients’ unique needs.

Coilycue Elite Stylist Network Benefits

  • A minimum order of $1450 gives you just around $1000 after the discount).

  • Access to six premium textures (Coilycue Waves, Silk Press, Blow Out, Curls, Coils and Kinks).

  • Serve clients with hair textures ranging from 2a to 4c.

  • Confidently source your crochet extensions and avoid the hassle of unreliable vendors.

Join the Coilycue Elite Stylist Network today and take your hairstyling services to the next level!