Transform Your Old Hair Extensions into a Force for Good

Join Our Revolutionary Recycling Program – Launching Soon!

At Coilycue, we believe in a future where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. That's why we're launching an innovative program to recycle your used Coilycue hair extensions – because every action counts towards a greener planet.

Our recycling program is designed to breathe new life into your old hair extensions, transforming them into valuable resources that support both people and the planet. If you have old Coilycue hair extensions that you no longer use, join us in making a difference!

How It Works:

Your cherished extensions will be meticulously sorted into three grades, each with its own purpose and impact:

Grade A

The best quality hair will embark on a new journey, becoming wigs for individuals experiencing natural hair loss due to conditions like cancer, alopecia, and other uncontrollable factors. It's more than hair; it's a beacon of hope and confidence.

Grade B

Hair that's still useful but not suitable for wigs will find a new purpose as hair mats. These mats play a crucial role in environmental protection, helping clean oil spills in waterways and oceans, preserving marine life and ecosystems. A sustainable solution to protect marine life and preserve our planet's blue lungs.

Grade C

Even the hair that can't be used for wigs or mats won't go to waste. It will be transformed into organic fertilizer and compost, supporting sustainable agriculture and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world.

Be Part of the Change!

We are on the brink of launching this transformative program and invite you to register your interest to be among the first to participate.

By participating, you're not just recycling; you're making a statement for sustainability, social support, and environmental protection.

Fill out the form below to stay informed and ready to act when we go live.

Join us in turning beauty into a legacy of care and commitment to our planet and its people.