5 Ways Coilycue's Human Hair Crochet Extensions Are Perfect For Natural Hair

human hair crochet

Love your natural hair while instantly achieving added length, more volume, or a whole new look with our innovative human hair crochet extensions. At Coilycue, we prioritize the well-being of your hair. Explore why our human hair crochet extensions are simply unrivaled for your natural hair.

1. Low-tension and Long Lasting

Bid farewell to hair tension tales and potential edge mishaps caused by certain extensions. We've got you covered! Our human hair crochet extensions are lightweight and gentle on your own natural tresses, ensuring a worry-free and comfortable experience. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your install for a remarkable 8 - 12 weeks.

2. Versatility with Style, Volume, and Length

Take control of enhancing your natural beauty with our human hair crochet extensions. Whether you desire a full head transformation or a subtle upgrade while leaving most of your hair out, we recommend 4-6 packs or 2-3 packs, respectively. Choose from a wide range of lengths (12 - 24 inches) to achieve your desired look effortlessly.

3. Tailored Textures for Perfect Blends

Discover our diverse collection of human hair crochet extensions, specifically designed for your unique hair needs. Our extensions are available in all six of our signature texture collections: Coilycue Curls, Waves, Coils, Kinks, Blowout, and Silk Press. Finding your ideal match has never been easier.


4. Wash & Wear Convenience

Maintaining your hair's health should never be compromised, no matter the style. With our human hair crochet extensions, you can stick to your regular hair care routine with ease. Wash days become a breeze as our extensions are washing-friendly while still installed. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners for the best results, ensuring that your hair remains gorgeous and vibrant.

5. Effortless Removal

Our pre-looped extensions are designed for both convenience and reusability. When you're ready for a change, removing and reusing our extensions closes the loop on your journey towards hair protection and gentleness, preventing any damage along the way.

Experience the ultimate match for your natural hair with Coilycue's Human Hair Crochet Extensions!


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