Thank you for being here!

My name is Grace, and I am the founder of Coilycue.

I love trying out different protective styles, lengths, and textures whenever I want to, while also ensuring that my hair stays protected and continues to flourish and grow while I’m at it.  

Moved to Germany for my bachelor’s degree in 2016 and realized how difficult it would be to find professionals who could work with my hair type. So, for the first time in 19 years, I had to learn how to take care of my hair by myself with the help of several creators on YouTube. Length retention was important for me, so I learned how to self-install crochet hair extensions since they are easy to DIY install, versatile and allow me to have access to my scalp while protecting my natural hair. 

I wanted to have natural, realistic-looking, and versatile extensions that would fit with my active lifestyle. So, I searched for natural-looking human hair crochet extensions that were reusable and matched my Type 4 hair.

The search yielded no results…

I discovered they produced mostly unsustainable crochet extensions with plastics or non-Remy human hair mixed with synthetic hair that would not last for more than a couple of weeks. After a lot of research for such a product to no avail, I made one myself, and Coilycue was born. I derived Coilycue from the word ‘curlicue’, which means 'fancifully curled'. Might as well say so! 

Coilycue is proud to offer the first 100% virgin human hair crochet extensions that cater to the diverse hair textures of women! We made the extensions from premium quality human hair, which is soft, lightweight, and bouncy, suitable for adding volume and length to your hair.  

Coilycue will give you the confidence to love and embrace your natural curls and coils. 


Made with YOU in mind ♡

Provide your hair with the makeover it deserves! 

We endeavor to offer a variety of textures and products you will love. We want you to always look and feel your best.